The Resource The Iliad : the story of Achillês, Homer ; translated by W.H.D. Rouse

The Iliad : the story of Achillês, Homer ; translated by W.H.D. Rouse

The Iliad : the story of Achillês
The Iliad
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the story of Achillês
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Homer ; translated by W.H.D. Rouse
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The Iliad : the story of Achillês, Homer ; translated by W.H.D. Rouse
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How Achilles and Agamemnon quarrelled over Briseis, and how Thetis persuaded Zeus to support her son -- How a dream came with a message from Zeus, and how the Achaians debated in their camp. The names and numbers of the two hosts -- How Menelaos and Alexandros fought a duel together, and what came of it -- The first battle between Trojans and Achaians -- How Diomedes did great deeds of valour, and wounded Aphrodite and Ares himself -- How Paris was brought back into the battle, and how Hector parted from Andromache -- How Aias and Hector fought in single combat, and how the Trojans sent a herald to propose peace -- The battle wavers to and fro -- How Agamemnon repented of his violence and sent envoys to Achilles -- How Diomedes and Odysseus went on a night raid and how they fared. How the battle turned, and the captains were wounded, and Achilles began to take notice -- How the two armies fought before the wall, and how Hector broke down the gate -- The battle among the ships -- How Hera deluded Zeus and sent him to sleep; and how in consequence the tide of battle turned -- How Zeus awoke, and what he said to Hera; how Hera took his message to the divine family and what they all said to it; and how the two armies fought among the ships -- How Patroclos took the field in the armour of Achilles, his great feats of war, and his death -- How they fought over the body of Patroclos -- How Achilles received the news, and how his mother got him new armour from Hephaistos -- How Achilles made friends with Agamemnon and armed himself for war -- How Achilles swept the battlefield, and how the gods helped on either side -- The battle by the river -- Of the last fight and the death of Hector -- The funeral rites of Patroclos, and how the games were held in his honour -- How Priam and Achilles met, and the funeral of Hector
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